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March 17, 2013

Dear Friends,

 Recently many of you turned out at BOCC meeting at the Friends request to support the Trustees as they gave their annual report on the dire situation of the status of Library funding. In our green shirts, we definitely made a statement and I could not be more proud of the turnout and support you showed for our Library. But, we canít let the message stop there!

As a follow up, I wrote a letter to the editor of the News Journal, thanking them for their support  but also asking that we keep this message alive.  Since then, Iíve seen some of you at the Library complimenting me on that letter (and praising my great picture Ė where they got that, I donít know!).  I  really do appreciate your compliments, but, I also have a request for you. Would you all please help me, the Friends of the Library and the Library? Please, start writing letters to the papers Ė all of them, News Tribune, News Journal, The Observer, St. Augustine Record, even, the Jacksonville Times Union. Our message is valid and needs to get out to all the local communities. After all, the message of the value of a library and all Libraries is universal.

In your letters, tell us why the Library is important to you. Tell us when and why you first went to the Library and how it changed your life. Tell us why the library is important to you today and why you think libraries are still relevant. Tell us about your moving to Flagler County/Palm Coast and your visit to the Library. Or, if you are a history buff and have enough past experience, tell us about the formation and history of our Library as you experienced it.

Letís try to keep this message alive every week. Letís try to make sure our local community, and national political figures know why Libraries are relevant in our lives today. Send your message to the local newspapers. Donít worry if someone sent a message last week. Send yours this week. Expand on what they said. Share your own experiences about the artwork and displays you saw at the Library this week. Explain why the Library is an opportunity for you to connect with the community and why Libraries are relevant. Tell about your recent visit and attendance at one of the  WWII or Flagler Reads Together programs. Tell about how literacy is relevant to early learning and how the childrenís programs focus on that.  Basically, just tell your story and keep the message alive!

In addition to sending your message to the local newspapers, also send a copy to the Friends of the Library at  Weíll publish them on our website and keep a file so we can further promote the Friends of the Library and the support you offer and that we can provide in support of the Flagler County Public Library.

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