Treasurer’s Report to the Community

The Friends of the Library of Flagler County ( FOLFC ) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation formed in 1978 through
the support of concerned citizens. It's been said that at the heart of every great community is a great library. To ensure
this, the FOLFC is committed to developing resources -- above and beyond taxpayer support -- for a public-private
partnership to help keep our library vital for all patrons.



2015 mid-year report on the Friends of the Library of Flagler County:

A history of 36 years –   The FOLFC was formed at the end of 1978 and became incorporated in Florida in 1979. We received our determination letter 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS in August 1979. In 1987 Flagler County took on the management and property of the library. Your County Government and the FOLFC have worked together to develop the best library possible.

Continuing Growth –   A few years ago, the annual FOLFC budget to support our library was around $50,000. Now, we are supplementing the county’s annual library budget by about $75,000. a year. This is possible due to the continued and generous contributions of both our individual and corporate members. We also raise funds thru our bookstore and book sales.

Accomplishments –  Our library is hosting on an annual basis about 500 children’s, young adults, and community wide programs with an attendance of over 25,000. The FOLFC makes this possible by funding speaker/program fees, supplies, and refreshments, while providing free admission. In addition to these activities, FOLFC expenditures are made for equipment, furniture, technology, shelving, books, and DVD’s. These expenditures by the Friends enriches and expands the offerings of our public library for about 50,000 patrons.

Endowment Fund –   In July 2003, the FOLFC board passed a resolution establishing an Endowment Fund. Merrill Lynch is the custodian of these funds. Over the past 10 years, FOLFC has received about $100,000. in investment income. Over $82,000. of these earnings have helped  fund scholarships and library equipment purchases.

FOLFC Scholarships –   In 2015 ten local high school graduates each received a $1000. scholarship to go to college. This activity by the FOLFC connects our library and patrons to the educational goals of the community.

                 The FOLFC Board, the Library Director and Trustees, along with the Board of Commissioners of Flagler County express their appreciation to all who contribute their time & talent to support our Flagler County Public Library.

Ken Jones

Treasurer, Friends of the Library of Flagler County

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